Parks FAQ

How do I find information about Precinct 4 Parks, including how to make a reservation?

CLICK HERE for more information or call 281-353-8100.

Do I need to reserve a covered picnic pavilion?

Reservations are required for the covered picnic pavilions at Alief Amity Park, Bayland Park, Bear Creek Pioneers Park, George Bush Park, John Paul Landing Park, Katy Park, Mary Jo Peckham Park, McClendon Park, New Kentucky Park, Spring Creek Park, Stein Family Park, and Zube Park. Pavilion reservations can be made online or by calling 281-353-4196. For park information, please call 281-353-8100.

All other pavilions and picnic areas at Precinct 4 Parks are available for use on a first-come, first-serve basis without a reservation. Please visit our website to view all park policies and regulations before visiting.

Where can I go camping?

Overnight RV and tent camping is available to the public at Spring Creek Park at no cost. Spring Creek Park also offers Campsites for Scout groups and youth-based nonprofit organizations. Scout camping is offered at Bear Creek Park, George Bush Park, Kleb Woods Nature Preserve, and New Kentucky Park. Submit a camping request here.

Where can I bring injured/orphaned wildlife?

We cannot accept orphaned or injured wildlife. Please call the Wildlife Center of Texas at 713-861-9453 or 281-667-0171 to arrange care with a licensed wildlife rescue facility.

Can I hold a 5k benefit or fundraising event at a county park?

It is permitted for non-profit organizations in good standing with the Internal Revenue Service to host fundraising events at a county park with prior written approval from the park superintendent and Harris County Commissioners Court. Requests must be submitted in writing on the letterhead of the non-profit organization. The approval request process may take up to six weeks to complete. Please call 281-353-8100 or email for more information.

Do you offer any activities at the parks?

Precinct 4 offers many free activities for individuals, families, and seniors. Please visit Harris County Precinct 4 Events for a complete of free park activities.

How far in advance can I reserve a pavilion?

Pavilions can be reserved no more than three months in advance. Availability of a specific date is not guaranteed. Some dates may be unavailable due to county festivals, holidays, or other special circumstances. Please view the park's availability to check for available dates.

Are animals allowed in the parks?

Unless specifically posted, domestic cats and dogs are allowed in all Precinct 4 Parks and must remain on a leash measuring 6-feet long or shorter. Animals must always be under the owner’s control. Aggressive or unimmunized pets are not permitted. Owners are responsible for removing pet waste. Horses are only permitted on the Bear Creek Park and George Bush Park equestrian trails.

Where can I walk or ride my bike in the parks?

Most Precinct 4 Park trails are paved or natural-surface trails for multi-purpose use. Walkers, runners, and cyclists are welcome to share the trails seven days a week. Refer to Harris County Precinct 4 Parks for more information. Motorized vehicles are not permitted. However, electric bikes are allowed on the trails.

Where can I launch a boat?

Boats are not permitted at any Precinct 4 park.

Is alcohol allowed in the parks?

Alcoholic beverages are permitted in designated parks with a confirmed pavilion reservation. With an alcohol reservation, you will be required to secure the services of Harris County Precinct 4 or Precinct 5 Constables.

Can I bring a bounce house or other large party equipment to the park?

Bounce houses, cotton candy machines, snow cone machines, and popcorn machines are permitted only with a confirmed pavilion reservation. A self-provided generator must power this equipment. A copy of the bounce house company’s general liability insurance must be submitted to the reservation office for approval at least two weeks prior to the event. Harris County Precinct 4 must be listed as the certificate holder. Any type of water-related recreational equipment such as water slides, pools, sprinklers, water cannons, and dunk tanks is prohibited. 

Are there dog parks?

Dog parks are located in Congressman Bill Archer Park, George Bush Park, and Paul D. Rushing Park. Small dog parks are designed for dogs 25 pounds or less. Owners must always be in control of their dogs and are responsible for removing their pet’s waste. Upon entering and exiting the dog parks, your pet must be kept on no longer than a 6-foot leash. 


Can I fly a drone or model aircraft at the park?

A person may not operate a drone or model aircraft in a Harris County Precinct 4 park except in a specifically designated area. The drone or model aircraft must remain in the operator’s line of sight, unless otherwise authorized in writing by the park superintendent. Model aircraft may be used only in the designated area at Dyess Park with prior written permission from SPARKS RC Flyers Club. At George Bush Park, model aircraft may be used with prior written permission from the Bayou City Flyers.

Where can I go fishing?

Precinct 4 parks offer locations with access to fishing with stocked fishing lakes and ponds. Fishing is permitted at all lakes, ponds, and creeks. A fishing license is required for those 17 and older. CLICK HERE or call 281-353-8100 for additional information. Visit Texas Fishing for more information.

Can I host my fitness class at a Precinct 4 park?

It is permitted to host fitness classes at Precinct 4 parks with proof of insurance and prior written approval from the park superintendent. Please call 281-353-8100 or email [email protected] for more information.

Are food trucks allowed in the parks?

Food trucks are prohibited in Precinct 4 parks, except for pre-approved vendors during sporting tournaments or county-sponsored events. For information on becoming an approved vendor, please contact one of our sports associations or our Special Events Department at 713-274-4124.

Where can I bring my horse to ride the trails?

Horseback riders are welcome along the Bear Creek Park and George Bush Park equestrian trails. Dogs are not permitted to follow equestrian riders on the trails.

How can I request a memorial bench be placed in a Harris County park?

It is possible to purchase a park bench with a personalized plaque. Harris County Commissioners Court must approve the request to purchase a bench, which may take 12-16 weeks or more. Please call 281-353-8100 or email [email protected] for more information.

Can I use a metal detector at the park?

Metal detectors are prohibited in all Precinct 4 parks and parkland.

Can I bring music to the park?

Small music players such as Bluetooth speakers, CD players, and radios are permitted if the volume does not disturb other park visitors. Large or professional sound systems, speakers, DJs, and live bands are not allowed. Devices that feature voice amplification, such as a microphone, megaphone, or PA (personal address) system are strictly prohibited.

Can I bring a piñata to the park?

Piñatas are permitted only with a pavilion reservation and a self-provided stand. Piñatas cannot be secured to any park structures or trees.

Where can I take my recycling?

Precinct 4 parks no longer accept paper, plastic, or aluminum recycling materials. Please call 4-1-1 to find a recycling center in your area.

Is decorating a pavilion or picnic area in the park permitted?

Decorating picnic tables and pavilions with tablecloths, and tabletop decorations is allowed. It is not permitted to decorate with confetti, glitter, colored powders, or any decorations that can scatter or disperse throughout the park. Decorations cannot be attached or adhered to with putty, tape, staples, or nails. All decorations must be removed upon the completion of the event. Groups and/or individuals are responsible for leaving pavilions in the same condition as found before use. Misuse or violation of any amenity, facility, or park can result in denial of future reservations.

I submitted an online request, when should I expect a response?

Please allow up to ten business days after submitting a reservation request to receive a response. Be sure to add [email protected] to your email contact list. Be sure to check your spam folder for a response as well. For questions about your reservation, send an email to [email protected] or call 281-353-8100.

How can I reserve a sports field?

The sports fields at Precinct 4 parks are leased to different sports associations. CLICK HERE for a list of parks with leased fields and the managing sports associations,

Are weddings allowed in the parks?

Wedding ceremonies and receptions are permitted at all Precinct 4 parks. Alcohol is allowed with a confirmed pavilion reservation and Precinct 4 or Precinct 5 Constable security.

What am I allowed to bring to the park?

You are welcome to bring coolers with food, water, and non-alcoholic beverages. Glass containers are prohibited. Bring your own propane or charcoal grill, a 10x10-foot pop-up shade canopy, folding chairs, and folding tables to set up your own picnic space in an open area of a park. You cannot block any parking spaces, designated sports fields, trails, or sidewalks. You are welcome to bring your own sports equipment, fishing equipment, yard games, bicycles, scooters, or skateboards. Most parks offer picnic tables and charcoal grills for free public use on a first-come, first-serve basis.

How often can I make a reservation?

When you make a reservation (pavilion or camping) at any Precinct 4 park, no other requests can be made within 30 days. You can secure another reservation once you have completed your current reservation. Only one reservation per family/group is permitted in any given month.

Sports Association FAQ

Who manages the sports fields at the parks?

Most of the sports fields at Precinct 4 Parks are currently leased to different sports associations. For a complete list of our parks with leased fields and the managing sports associations, please CLICK HERE.

I lost an item at the park during a sporting event. Do you have a lost and found?

Each sports association maintains their own lost and found. Please contact the sports association directly to check their lost and found.

How do I reserve practice time on a sports field?

The parks department does not determine field availability. This is done by the individual sports associations that lease our fields. You must contact the sports association directly or visit their website to find out about scheduling and field availability. For a list of our sports associations, please CLICK HERE.

How do I register my child for a sports team?

Sports team registration is not managed directly by the parks department, but by the individual leagues that lease our fields. You must contact the league directly or go to their website for information on schedules and registration.CLICK HERE to see which leagues play at Precinct 4 Parks.

How do I know if our game or practice at your park has been rained out or rescheduled?

The parks department does not determine rainout dates. You must contact the leasing league directly or

visit their website to find out about scheduling and rainout dates. CLICK HERE for a list of our sports associations.

Are there areas for RV parking during a sporting event?

Overnight camping is permitted at Spring Creek Park only. We do not recommend driving RV’s or motorhomes to any other Precinct 4 park, as the parking lots were not designed for oversized vehicles and there may not be adequate space to maneuver or exit.