Mobility & Transportation

Precinct 4 is home to the fastest growing communities in Harris County, and building a sustainable transportation network is vital to the growth of our region. Transportation planning efforts focus on improving mobility, access, traffic operations, street safety, and urban design. Specific projects in this area include corridor studies, freight planning, mobility plans, sidewalk initiatives, safe routes to school, and other related efforts. 

Tomball Area Mobility Plan

A mobility plan in the Tomball area of Precinct 4 focused on identifying future capital projects and corridor improvements focused on creating an impact to mobility, economic growth, and development. 

West Harris County Transit Demand Study

A study to identify current and future demand for public transportation in Precinct 4. The study includes an examination into the optimal service types, capital project recommendations, ridership estimates, and cost implications. 

Safe Routes to School

Safe Routes to School is an approach that promotes walking and bicycling to school through infrastructure improvements, enforcement, tools, safety education, and incentives. Precinct 4’s Safe Routes to School Program is being revamped in 2023. For now, please submit requests via the Sidewalk Request Form.

Gulfton / Sharpstown Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Initiatives

Precinct 4 secured funding through Harris County’s allocation of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) dollars to make investments in Gulfton-Sharpstown focused on deterring criminal activity by improving the built environment with public art, lighting, trees, and safe crossings.

Sidewalk Gap Analysis Plan

Identifies sidewalk gaps throughout Precinct 4 for rapid deployment of resources and those that require long-term consideration based on right of way needs, drainage, or utility relocation.