Policy & Innovation


Commissioner Briones is committed to building sustainable, strategic, and sensible infrastructure. Precinct 4 will invest in communities equitably; adapt to be more resilient in the face of flooding, climate crises, and natural and manmade disasters; and constantly innovate to improve the quality of life for all residents.

At Precinct 4, our role is to maintain roads and preserve and create infrastructure that supports healthy, vibrant, and flourishing communities. We believe in sustainable, strategic, and sensible infrastructure that provides service for all people.

Our work for the community reflects these values:

Equity: every community and person in Harris County should receive equitable access to services that improve outcomes today and in the future.

Resilience: adapt our roads, bridges, and other infrastructure to better withstand the impact of disasters and other events that keep our communities from being safe, healthy, and connected.

Sustainability: build for the long-term while minimizing our impact on natural and cultural resources and give our residents the opportunity to lead lower carbon lifestyles.

Community support: engage our residents, municipal partners, and community organizations to ensure that investments are aligned with community values and priorities.

Healthy places and healthy buildings: make sure our projects enhance human health, wellness, and productivity.

Universal design: ensure access to our public spaces, streets, parks, and buildings for users of all abilities, ages, or other factors.


Key Initiatives

Enhanced Design, Development & Permitting

We aim to streamline the design and permitting process to create more efficient and cost-effective infrastructure projects.

Flood Control, Flood Avoidance, and Water Usage

We are committed to reducing flood risk, fixing past flood damage, protecting our communities from future damage caused by catastrophic flooding, and making decisions on how to preserve and utilize water as a precious resource.

  • CDBG MITOn August 29, 2023, Commissioners Court approved a resolution tocomplete 10 project applications for CDBG-MIT funding based on GLO’s guidelinesand submit those applications to the GLO for review and award of$139,958,668.  Precinct 4 will partner with TIRZ 1 within the City ofHouston on two of our projects: the Anderson Park Drainage Improvements andChimney Rock Reconstruction on US59 to Westheimer. In particular, theChimney Rock project will have massive impact in the area, as the projectincludes not only better flood control, but thoroughfare improvements, a METROtransit route, and other improvements to a major evacuation route.  

Transportation, Roads & Bridges

We strive to improve transportation systems and infrastructure to connect communities better and support economic growth. 

  • Call for Projects – Harris County Commissioner Lesley Briones announced a $170 million dollar investment in sustainable infrastructure projects. These projects will improve access to parks, alleviate flooding, close critical connectivity gaps, and increase public safety. One of the selected projects, titled the Buffalo Bayou Greenway Connector project, is a $13.5 million investment that will connect Memorial Park and Buffalo Bayou Parks.
  • Westpark Tollway – Harris County Precinct 4 Commissioner Lesley Briones announced a study to re-envision the Westpark Tollway, from the Beltway 8 west to the Harris County-Fort Bend County line to help keep pace with growth in the fastest growing region in Texas, expand economic opportunities, and improve quality of life for residents.

Parks & Green Space

Parks can play an essential role in promoting physical activity and improving health outcomes for residents. Regular exercise, such as walking, running, or playing sports in parks, can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases and improve overall health.

  • Alief Street Forest – The Alief Street Forest initiative will use $2 Million in funding to plant more than 1,200 trees to improve urban tree canopy coverage over the Alief area. Improving tree coverage will address the “heat island” effect, which causes Alief to average 10 degrees hotter in summer months than areas like River Oaks. 

  • Reimagining parks and greenspaces – Two park master plans will be launching this summer in Gulfton, Burnett Bayland Park and Bayland Park, to enhance these spaces and bring signature greenspaces to Southwest Houston. Additionally, a precinct-wide parks and trails master plan will combine rigorous data and public engagement to advance equitable investments in parks and trails throughout Precinct 4. 
  • Gulfton &Sharpstown CPTED – On September 23, 2023,Commissioners Court agreed to Invest $4M in lighting, trees, public art, andimproved sidewalks to enhance the quality of life and safety for residents inthe Gulfton and Sharpstown area, utilizing CPTED funds.
  • TIRZ 1 & 20 – On October 31, 2023, Commissioners Court approved for Precinct 4 to move forward with an interlocal agreement for county participation in TIRZ 1 St. George Place Redevelopment Authority and  TIRZ 20 Southwest Houston Redevelopment Authority Participating in both TIRZs allows Precinct 4 to maximize public-private partnerships for the delivery of sustainable infrastructure and maintenance investments and leveraging available public-finance tools to maximize impact and equitable revitalization.