Public Information Requests

The public has a right to prompt access to the records of the Harris County Precinct 4, that are not confidential or otherwise protected. Here's what you need to know to make a successful Public Information Act (PIA) request. 
A public information request to Harris County Precinct 4 must be in writing.  Precinct 4 will acknowledge requests for information within two business days and may charge a fee as prescribed by law or regulation for the costs incurred producing the requested documents. Your request was not received if you have not received acknowledgment within two business days. In this case, please email [email protected] and ask for the Public Information Act Officer.
Please note that your written request must be for existing information. Precinct 4 is not required to answer questions, perform legal research, or create new information in response to your public information request.
Effective September 1, 2019, pursuant to section 552.234 of the Texas Government Code, a person may make a request for public information only by delivering the request through one of the following methods to the governmental body’s Public Information Officer or the officer’s designee:
  • United States Mail;
  • electronic mail; or
  • hand delivery.
Keep a copy of the request and proof of Precinct 4's receipt of the request.
Precinct 4 does not accept written requests for public information through facsimile transmission. Your request will not be considered received unless it is sent to the proper address.