Public Dumpsters

Looking to dispose of large items or miscellaneous junk hassle-free? Look no further! Harris County Precinct 4 and Commissioner Lesley Briones provide public dumpster locations in Hockley and Tomball for your convenience.

These dumpsters are perfect for getting rid of shrubs, branches, old deck boards, lumber from fence replacements, and all sorts of miscellaneous items cluttering up your space. Plus, they're ideal for storm debris cleanup, providing a safe and easy solution for disposing of tree limbs and other storm-related debris.


HOCKLEY: 28511 Old Washington Rd., Hockley, TX 77447 

TOMBALLService Center Rd., Tomball, TX 77377

Phone: 832-927-4444

HoursMonday-Saturday: 7 a.m. – 3p.m (Closed on Sundays and Holidays)

Rules & Regulations

As you utilize our public dumpster locations in Hockley and Tomball, please be mindful of the following guidelines to ensure smooth operations and a clean environment for all:

Homeowners Only: This service is exclusively for homeowners, not contractors or commercial entities.

Vehicle Restrictions: No double axle tandem trailers, commercial vehicles, or box trucks/trailers are permitted.

Restricted Items: Please refrain from disposing of tires, batteries, motor oil, paint cans (including spray paint cans), chemicals, or household garbage.

Construction and Remodeling Materials: Items such as roofing materials, wood, shingles, sheetrock, carpet, carpet padding, siding, laminate flooring, toilets, tubs, etc., are not accepted.

Bulk Materials: Concrete, brick, grass clippings, bagged leaves, pine straw, mulch, and dirt should not be brought to the dumpsters.

Large Objects: Large items like swing sets or camper covers must be dismantled before disposal.

Hardware Removal: Ensure all nails, screws, and hardware are removed from fencing materials before disposal.

Tree Limbs and Fencing: Tree limbs must be less than 6 inches in diameter and no longer than 6 feet in length. All fencing must be placed inside the designated dumpster area.

Appliance Precaution: Compressors must be removed from freezers and refrigerators before disposal.

Capacity Limits: Dumpsters and designated areas may be closed when full. Please plan accordingly.

Load Limit: Each homeowner is limited to ONE LOAD per day to ensure fair access for all constituents.