Policy & Innovation

Good Government

Commissioner Briones is committed to serving the residents of Harris County through efficient, transparent government. Precinct 4 will hold ourselves to higher standards and ensure our policies and practices equitably serve and reflect the needs of our community.

Key Initiatives

Evidence-Based Governing

  • 3-1-1 and CRM Systems Platform Integration – Precinct 4 is in the process of joining the City of Houston's 3-1-1 line, connecting constituent calls to relevant County departments in real-time, ensuring the fastest service delivery possible.
  • Project Prioritization – Precinct 4 is committed to evidence-based decision-making and sustainable infrastructure. Studies are being conducted to identify areas like Fry Road and the Katy area, which have experienced significant development without adequate infrastructure, as well as areas with high concentrations of low- and moderate-income households like Sharpstown, Gulfton, and Alief, which require infrastructure investments to address various issues. All infrastructure project decisions in Precinct 4 consider data such as community input, education level, Social Vulnerability Index (SVI), Schedule Performance Index (SPI), Budget Performance Index (BPI), and Envision framework certification, ensuring infrastructure that meets current and future community needs in alignment with our evidence-based, accountable approach.
  • M/WBE Participation – Precinct 4 is fully committed to upholding the County's priority goals and outcomes, with a strong focus on economic equity and opportunity, especially in allocating County projects. By promoting and supporting Minority- and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (M/WBEs), Precinct 4 ensures equal opportunities for all entities to receive county contracts.  

Public Trust and Collaboration

  • Listening Tours – Precinct 4 is actively engaging with the community through a year-long series of twelve listening tours, beginning April 1, 2023, to establish a platform for collaborative government that addresses the unique needs of each community.
  • Transparency with Major Funding Sources – Major funding sources, like the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), will pass through a process overseen by Commissioners Court and appropriate Committees. Precinct 4 follows an equity framework involving community input and approval by the Commissioners Court.
  • Transparency with Infrastructure Projects – Precinct 4 prioritizes underserved communities through data-driven analyses of the Social Vulnerability Index (SVI) and Low-Moderate Income (LMI), aligning with the County's funding goals for improved program outcomes. Precinct 4 will launch a project dashboard displaying location, timeline, and budget information to provide transparent access to infrastructure projects.

Implementation of Efficient Government Processes

  • Procurement ReformCommissioners Court has requested improvements that the County Auditor’s Office has begun rolling out, such as minimizing manual payments, enhancing the procurement dashboard, and streamlining Request for Project (RFP) documentation. The initiative has resulted in reduced aged invoices, faster payment processing, and significant cost savings.
  • Court Rules and Efficiency – Commissioners Court has implemented changes to run court business more efficiently, including limiting discussion time and switching to Rosenberg's Rules of Order. These changes have resulted in more concise discussions during court meetings.
  • Philanthropy Liaison – Precinct 4 spearheaded the creation of a Philanthropy Liaison position at the Office of Management and Budget, aiming to enhance collaboration with philanthropic, non-profit, and government groups providing funding for Harris County programs. This new role will facilitate the acquisition of grants and awards, enabling the county to maximize its resources in support of Harris County services.  

Aligning County Goals & Priority Outcomes

  • Performance-based Budgeting – Commissioners Court has transitioned to a goal-oriented and performance-based government, incorporating a performance-based budget, key priorities, and improved communication with county departments. The new system focuses on program and service outcomes, enabling better funding decisions based on community impact. The restructuring of the Office of Management and Budget has also led to the inclusion of performance metrics in future budgets. These improvements have earned Harris County the "Distinguished Budget Presentation" award after 25 years.
  • Hiring and Workplace Practices – Harris County is deeply committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all applicants and employees, evaluating them based on individual merit and qualifications, irrespective of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, pregnancy, disability, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other protected classes. Precinct 4 shares this dedication and strives to build a team that reflects the diverse communities it serves. Precinct 4 is determined to promote opportunity and justice while delivering services and advocating for the residents of Harris County. Precinct 4 will establish efficient government processes that cultivate a workplace culture fostering collaboration, creativity, and accountability in line with these values. Additionally, Precinct 4 will actively collaborate with other localities and government entities, maintaining respectful and professional relationships with elected and appointed leaders.