Sidewalks 4 Precinct 4: Delivering Pathways to Progress

In a commitment to walkability, accessibility, and connected communities, Commissioner Lesley Briones and the Harris County Precinct 4 team will complete approximately 50 miles of sidewalks in 2024-2025. 
Harris County Precinct 4’s, Sidewalks 4 Precinct 4, has committed $20 million to complete these projects. The program, which launches in March, came out of a data-driven analysis that started last year. It will fill the gap between “sidewalks to nowhere,” across 406 sq. miles. 
Projects are prioritized based upon the ability to connect families to their neighborhood schools, METRO bus stops, local parks, hospitals, and shopping centers.  
The program will be executed in phases. Construction for each location will take 4-8 weeks with crews working simultaneously at multiple locations across Precinct 4. 
As part of each phase, we will inform and engage with the community through various outreach efforts such town hall meetings, stakeholder calls, door hangers, on-site signage, social media, and more.  
Ultimately, the program is not about laying concrete for sidewalks – it's about ensuring families can thrive with safer paths for children to get to school, efficient routes to hospitals and healthcare providers, walkable shopping destinations, connected parks, and solidified routes where natural footpaths already exist.  

Frequently Asked Questions

LOCATION: Where are these projects located?

The projects are located within Harris County Precinct 4, with a focus on communities of low-to-moderate income, with close proximity to schools, METRO bus stops, parks, and hospitals.

FUNDING: How much will this project cost?

Harris County Precinct 4 has committed approximately $20 million in 2024. 

TIMELINE: When will the projects be complete?

These projects will be complete in 2025. Construction for each sidewalk will take approximately 4-8 weeks.

WHY NOT MY SIDEWALK?: How were sidewalks identified and prioritized?

We used data-driven research prioritizing locations less than one mile from a school, park or hospital (eco dev/ shopping)
Many of the projects were suggested by constituents during the Listening Tours in 2023, interactions with our Community Assistance Department, or submitted through our Call for Projects program, and evaluated along with all other possible projects.
An analysis also examined feasibility of sidewalk projects across the Precinct and recommended projects that could be done in the short-term. Short-term projects were identified if they did not require additional rights-of-way, utility relocation, or compound drainage issues.
Consideration was given to connecting highly used bus stops, connecting parks, connecting hospitals/health care providers, connecting high pedestrian areas/shopping centers, and others.

2024 will see a focus on unincorporated Harris County while we work with local municipalities to finalize agreements that will allow us to repair sidewalks within city limits.