Planning & Community Development

Precinct 4 is home to urban, suburban, and rural communities in western Harris County. 
The Division’s Planning and Community Development efforts are categorized into two core areas – capital planning and community development – which are interrelated to foster broad-based input from Precinct 4 communities that leads to implementation.

Precinct 4’s aspirational values for infrastructure: 

• Equity: every community and person in Harris County should receive equitable access to services that improve outcomes today and in the future.
• Resilience: adapt our roads, bridges, and other infrastructure to better withstand the impact of disasters and other events that keep our communities from being safe, healthy, and connected.
• Sustainability: build for the long-term while minimizing our impact on natural and cultural resources and give our residents the opportunity to lead lower carbon lifestyles.
• Community support: engage our residents, municipal partners, and community organizations to ensure that investments are aligned with community values and priorities.
• Healthy places and healthy buildings: make sure our projects enhance human health, wellness, and productivity.
• Universal design: ensure access to our public spaces, streets, parks, and buildings for users of all abilities, ages, or other factors.

The Division’s Planning and Community Development efforts are categorized into two core areas 

– capital planning and community development.

Capital Planning

Investment in public infrastructure is vital to the health, safety, and welfare of communities throughout Precinct 4 and to enhance and sustain their livability and quality of life. The capital planning functions include managing the Precinct’s 5-year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and building it out from ongoing planning & community development initiatives throughout the Precinct, including the People 4 Places Call for Projects. Capital Planning functions also include collaborating with Precinct Engineers and County Departments to marshal infrastructure projects through project development stages such as planning, design, grants strategy, engineering, permitting, and construction.



Community Development

Community Development efforts promote participatory planning and empowers communities in shaping their future. This includes preparing Community Plans in underserved areas or places in need of planning support to identify capital projects, policies, and programs that advance opportunity and justice. Community Development initiatives entail planning for public space, revitalization, placemaking, cultural tourism, governance, among other topics affecting places and people.