Leadership Team

Executive Leadership

The Executive Leadership Team serves as the liaison between the different Precinct 4 teams and Commissioner Lesley Briones. They ensure that teams are coordinating and collaborating with each other, as well as with other precincts and the County Judge’s office.


The Administration Team helps keep the precinct running behind the scenes. They keep the entire Precinct 4 staff organized and on track by overseeing the scheduling of events and meetings, and coordinate different departments.

Public Affairs

The Public Affairs Team keeps you in the know. They are the people you see in your neighborhood. Coordinators from this department organize community meetings and events, coordinate with local organizations like the Houston Food Bank, communicate to the media and public, and will often canvass from door to door to inform residents about important resources. 


Compliance develops and implements internal policies and procedures across all areas of Precinct 4, manages all internal and external contracts and legal agreements, and is in the process of starting up key initiatives in partnership with Precinct4Forward.

Finance, Strategy, and Performance

At the heart of government efficiency lies the Finance, Strategy, and Performance team. The team manages budgets, oversees procurement, and facilitates performance measures by working tirelessly to drive fiscal responsibility and support Precinct 4’s data-driven strategies. They understand that "Finance impacts YOU" ensuring your tax dollars are put to good use - because who doesn't want a little more bang for their buck, while investing in the things you truly care about?


The Infrastructure Division administers and manages Precinct 4’s Capital Improvement Projects Program (CIP), road and bridge maintenance, and long-term planning and development. The Division focuses on delivering resilient and sustainable infrastructure related to mobility, drainage, parks and trails, public safety, and other aspects of the natural and built environment.


The Operations Division is at the front-line of the precinct service delivery. The division operates eight community centers and maintains over 13,000 acres of public park land for residents to enjoy. In addition, the division supports the Precinct’s back-office functions by providing IT, fleet, maintenance, and safety services.


The Policy Team advocates for you! They develop proposals that help create a more equitable, sustainable, and brighter future for Harris County. From improving legal defense within our criminal justice system to creating programs for direct COVID relief for families, they put forward new ideas at every Commissioners Court to improve quality of life for our residents.


The Talent Team identifies, recruits, and retains top talent to advance opportunity and justice at Precinct 4. They also work to ensure a positive team culture that emphasizes heart, hustle, and higher standards, while cultivating future leaders through community internship programs and active talent identification across Harris County.