Policy & Innovation

Commissioner Lesley Briones is committed to advancing opportunity and justice for Precinct 4 and all Harris County residents through innovative partnerships and evidence-based policy.

Commissioners Court Highlights

The Harris County Commissioners Court unanimously approved the 2024 budget!

This $2.4 billion budget reflects the priorities and needs of our residents.

We are investing $1.5 billion in our justice and safety agencies – that is a $170 million increase from last year. This includes a 12% raise for our detention officers to help make our jails safer. We are also investing $128 million toward the Harris County Flood Control District, $14 million in new funding -- to improve our flood resilience.

Beyond the budget, we moved forward with next steps on the Westpark Tollway Optimization Study by approving an agreement with partner organizations and submitting a federal grand request. This is a once in a generation infrastructure project to reimagine the Westpark Tollway and improve mobility and transit in that area.

And we are investing $4 million for improvements in Gulfton and Sharpstown as part of the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design program. The enhancements will include much-needed lighting, curb extensions, trees and shade structures which will increase safety in those neighborhoods.

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