Gulfton & Sharpstown

Harris County Precinct 4 is investing $4 million in the Gulfton/Sharpstown area using American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding as part of a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) initiative. Improvements are categorized in four topic areas: 
  • Cooling - using trees and shade structures to reduce afternoon temperatures
  • Lighting - adding pedestrian scale lighting to make walking and gathering a safe option during all times of day and night
  • Lifting - adding art and pop-up placemaking installations to elevate culture and local talent
  • Moving - introducing and/or improving sidewalks, crosswalks, and corners to encourage slow speeds


Scope of the Project

Improvements will holistically address the function and feel of the built environment along four key streets. These streets are:

  • Glenmont Dr. from Westward St. to Royalton St. (1 mile)
  • Westward St. from IH-59 to Hilcroft Ave. (0.73 miles)
  • Tarnef St. from Bellaire Blvd. to Sands Point Dr. (.4 miles)
  • Hornwood Dr. from Tarnef St. to Rookin St. (.25 miles)

These streets were selected in partnership with community members and organizations through two workshops. Baseline data included the concentration of violent crime, sidewalk condition, and urban heat. The conceptual plans for the streets will be communicated to the public in early 2024.