Harris County Precinct 4 Commissioner Lesley Briones Announces 2024 Call 4 Projects

02 Apr, 24

Harris County, TX  — Committed to maximizing infrastructure dollars through partnership and community collaboration, Harris County Precinct 4 Commissioner Lesley Briones launches the second Call 4 Projects as part of her Places 4 People initiative.  

The program utilizes a data-driven approach and scoring criteria that offers a higher mark and acceptance rate for projects that focus on multiple benefits of public safety, improvements to drainage, mobility, and access to trails and public spaces. 

In addition to Capital and Maintenance categories, this year, applicants will have the opportunity to submit projects in the newly created Planning category. Precinct 4 will consider both Planning projects up to $250,000 and Capital and Maintenance projects ranging from $250,000 to $5 million. With the addition of the Planning category, Precinct 4 aims to facilitate the submission of potential projects in future years. The Planning category will allow community partners to collaborate with Precinct 4 to assess project feasibility and will help level the playing field for communities to receive equitable investments in infrastructure.    

“My team and I are proud to launch this expanded Call 4 Projects in this second year of my administration because we believe deeply in the power of partnerships. As we work to increase safety, alleviate flooding, close critical connectivity gaps, and enhance the quality of life for our community members, we are focused on leveraging public resources with partnership dollars to maximize what we can deliver for our constituents. Through this expanded Call 4 Projects, we aim to get shovels in the ground on big projects, while also helping community partners take their first steps on smaller projects. Together—we will accomplish more and will continue building a more resilient, safe Harris County,” Commissioner Briones said.  

Eligible entities include cities, school districts, Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs), Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones (TIRZs), Municipal Management Districts (MMDs), Public Transit Agencies, Economic Development Corporations (EDCs), Housing Authorities, and other local government corporations located within Precinct 4. Non-profit organizations are also encouraged to apply as co-applicants with another eligible area entity. 

 "Call 4 Projects allows us to address critical infrastructure needs in an equitable, sustainable, innovative way that creates a sense of place and community,” Chief Infrastructure Officer Dr. Reynaldo Guerra said.  “Working with partner organizations allows us to leverage our respective resources and to go beyond what we can do alone.” 

Commissioner Briones launched this initiative in May 2023 when Precinct 4 invested $88 million and leveraged $82 million in partnership funding, to deliver $170 million in investments across the Precinct. The 32 selected projects, with 20 partners, included efforts such as: 200 METRO bus shelters, 14 trail connection projects, eight street intersection and sidewalk projects, six roadway drainage projects, eight Brays Bayou under crossings, three community parks, two SPARK parks, and a pedestrian promenade. For more information on the selected 2023 projects, visit: cp4.harriscountytx.gov/places4people

One of the selected 2023 projects, the Buffalo Bayou Greenway Connector, will connect the two-mile gap between Memorial and Buffalo Bayou Parks. In partnership with the Houston Parks Board, Precinct 4 is creating a safe way for families to travel from the east to west sides of Houston while providing increased access to two of Houston’s largest and most popular parks. 

“Partnerships are critical to delivering progress. When we work together, we can more purposefully drive improvement on safety, flooding, mobility, and quality of life,” Commissioner Briones said.  

The application deadline is June 7, 2024. For more details, visit cp4.harriscountytx.gov/places4people. Award selections will be announced in October 2024.