Commissioner Lesley Briones Announces Completion of Drainage Improvements for Westfield Pines & Westfield Village Residents

11 May, 24

Harris County, TX  — Harris County Commissioner Lesley Briones, in partnership with the Harris County Engineering Department (HCED), Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD), and Northwest Harris County Municipal Utility District (MUD) 12, held a ribbon cutting ceremony this week, marking the completion of a drainage improvement project that will reduce flood risk in Westfield Pines and Westfield Village subdivisions, in the Katy area. 
The project broke ground in May 2023 and was completed less than a year later in March 2024. It was initiated in response to the impact of Hurricane Harvey, which flooded 33 homes in the area. This project will lower the flood risk for these homes—and hundreds of others—and will lessen the impact of flooding in adjoining areas during both extreme and smaller, more common rain events
“This project demonstrates the power of partnerships to quickly deliver progress before the next big flood event. Together, we are delivering projects, progress, and protection for our families,” Commissioner Briones said. 
Westfield Village and Westfield Pines were developed in the early 2000s. Even as the subdivisions were not in a 100-year floodplain, the magnitude of Hurricane Harvey caused significant structural flooding. Stormwater runoff exceeded capacities of both the drainage system and the channel. 
HCED led construction of the drainage improvement project. Upgrades include a new detention pond off Kieth Harrow Boulevard, the upsizing of storm sewer systems, and the reconstruction of driveways and street sections. Adjustments to water and sanitary sewer lines were also made to enhance the overall drainage infrastructure. 
“Since Harvey, the Recovery and Resiliency Division team has made significant progress toward building a more resilient community. I want to thank Commissioner Briones, her team, and the members of the Commissioners Court for their tremendous support to get projects completed in time for hurricane season,” said Dr. Milton Rahman, HCED Executive Director.
"We worked together as a team to deliver this project to address the challenges that this community faced during Hurricane Harvey. I want to thank Commissioner Briones for her leadership, her vision, and her commitment to long-term flood resilience across Harris County,” said Dr. Tina Petersen, HCFCD Executive Director. 
Harris County contributed $4.6 million for this project, with an additional $1.7 million provided by Northwest Harris County MUD 12
“We must continue to fight to make our communities more resilient and safer for our families and purposefully deliver flood mitigation progress across the region," Precinct 4’s Chief Infrastructure Officer, Dr. Reynaldo Guerra said.
Last month, Precinct 4, HCED, HCFCD, Harris County MUD 81 and the Cornerstones MUD marked the completion of a separate drainage improvement project for the Katy area’s Cimarron subdivision. That project lowers the flood risk for over 250 structures. 
“As our region recovers from the most recent flood event, we must brace for the inevitability of future storms. Harris County Precinct 4 remains steadfast in its commitment to enhancing resiliency and ensuring the safety and security of all residents,” Commissioner Briones said.

Harris County Precinct 4 is committed to being there for its residents before, during, and after storms. For service requests, residents can contact 832-927-4444 or [email protected].