See horses, goats, talking birds, and more at Bear Creek Park Wildlife Habitat in Harris County Precinct 4

01 Aug, 23

Nestled in the greenery of West Houston’s Addicks Reservoir, the wildlife habitat at Precinct 4’s Bear Creek Pioneers Park is a prime destination for families and bird lovers alike.

Free to the public and open seven days a week, the habitat opened in the late 1970s when then-Commissioner Bob Eckels took in two bison that had been donated to the county.

Nowadays, the park is home to a variety of animals including miniature horses, goats, and donkeys, as well as animals undergoing rehabilitation that need special care.

At the park’s aviary, owls, turkey vultures, and the birds of Parrot Corner greet excited onlookers. Ashley DeLeon, assistant superintendent of the Precinct 4 Parks Department, said Precious, a male Mollucan cockatoo, is a crowd favorite, often calling out “I love you!” to visitors.

The aviary’s Spanish-speaking Catalina macaw welcomes visitors in style with its beautiful rainbow plumage.

When visiting the aviary and zoo, the public is urged not to feed the animals and to treat them with respect.

“Each animal’s health is unique, and some have health issues that the slightest change to their diet can aggravate,” DeLeon said. “People can help the animals have healthier lives by speaking to them kindly, playing gentle music to the birds, and keeping their hands to themselves.”

For more information on the habitat or aviary, or to volunteer as a Sanctuary Steward, click here.

DIRECTIONS: To access the facilities, drive through the N. Eldridge Parkway gate to Bear Creek Pioneers Park; the aviary is on the left, followed by the wildlife habitat.