Commissioner Briones appoints Nandini Seth to the Harris County Cultural Education Facilities Finance Corporation

05 Dec, 23

Commissioner Briones has appointed Precinct 4 Senior Planner Nandini Seth to the Harris County Cultural Education Facilities Finance Corporation.

Seth has extensive experience in executing and managing large urban planning projects for various communities in the United States. In her role with Precinct 4, she works closely with the Harris County Engineering Department, the consulting community, constituents, and state legislatures amongst other stakeholders. 

Having worked in several public sector positions, she understands the economic implications and financial considerations that are crucial in urban development projects. Her expertise in financial analysis, budgeting, and risk assessment allows her to approach urban planning with a strategic and practical mindset. 

Ms. Seth is a certified ENV-SP and has demonstrated experience in blending sustainability and inclusivity in planning projects for various regional and local public entities. Through her projects, she strives to create urban environments that are not only economically prosperous but also equitable, environmentally conscious, and socially cohesive. Additionally, she serves on the American Planning Association Board as the Communications Officer for the Houston Section. 

With her interdisciplinary background, she is uniquely skilled in bridging the gap between the community and the built environment, making communities an asset in shaping the future of our cities.

Apart from her passion for public service, Ms. Seth enjoys traveling, painting, and spending time with her two kids and husband.