HEART OF P4: Lifelong Outdoorsman Brings Passion to Precinct 4

24 Jun, 24

Mike Conner, superintendent of the Trailblazers and Trades team for Harris County Precinct 4, has always enjoyed the outdoors. 

He recounts one of the many times he and his wife hiked before dawn in Estes Park, Colorado — scaling jagged rocks, crossing through thinning tree lines and spiking elevation to reach the peak of mountainous terrain.  

These treks were less about capturing picturesque moments for Conner, and more about being able to participate in the evolving landscape before him and share in that joy with others.  

And that, for Conner, is what makes him excited about transforming parks in Precinct 4.  

In the far-off distance of Burnett Bayland Park, which is undergoing exciting renovations under the Precinct’s new Master Plan, Conner marvels at his welding team replacing six feet of old chain link fencing for new, black wrought-iron panels that will better protect children from street traffic.  

As his hefty work boots scatter rocks across the gravel trail surrounding the park’s perimeter, Conner expresses excitement for the black asphalt that will cover it in just a few days.  

Conner has worked for the Precinct for over 11 years and says this is just part of the work he enjoys doing daily with his team to upkeep and maintain Precinct 4’s 55 parks and 10 community centers.  

“Our Trailblazers and Trades team [does] everything from underground utilities, restrooms, building maintenance, trails, adding new additions to the parks such as soccer pitches and cricket fields, and much more,” Mike said. “It’s amazing to be able to do this work, and none of it would be possible without their incredible skill and dedication.”  

The recent derecho storm that passed through Southeast Texas early last month demonstrated how critical the Trailblazers and Trades team is to keeping the Precinct functioning.  

Even under 100 mph winds, no pavilions, buildings, or structures the team built at parks in Hockley sustained damage. Conner says this is a testament to his team’s efforts to build thoughtfully to ensure the longevity of Precinct 4 amenities.  

“Me and my team know how prone Houston is to natural disasters and how devastating the aftermath can be,” Conner said. “So, we’re building structures and quality products that will long outlast us and what the community will be able to enjoy for years and years to come.”  

As more families, neighbors, and residents make their way to Precinct 4 parks and community centers this summer, Conner is excited for the future work of the Trailblazers and Trades crew. 

“The parks and community centers are central to the community,” Conner said. “And to be able to bring amenities to the Precinct at this rapid level for residents is work me and my team are proud to do. This is an amazing group... and we’re just eager to continue doing the work that gets all our constituents at our parks and enjoying what Precinct 4 has to offer.”