Commissioner Lesley Briones appoints Ashley Kaper to Public Defender Board

25 Jun, 24

Commissioner Lesley Briones has appointed Ashley Kaper to the Harris County Public Defender Board.

Kaper is an experienced criminal defense attorney with more than ten years of representing individuals in federal and state court. She is currently an attorney at Gerger Hennessy Martin & Peterson LLP. Previous experience includes time as an Assistant Federal Public Defender in the Southern District of Texas. She has represented hundreds of individuals charged with major federal offenses including narcotics, immigration and fraud. Ashley has achieved major victories for her clients including obtaining dismissal of federal charges, convincing prosecutors to decline prosecution, and winning significantly reduced sentences.

Prior to being an Assistant Federal Public Defender, Ashley represented individuals in criminal and immigration cases in New York City with The Bronx Defenders. She was successful in stopping deportations and helped many obtain U.S. citizenship. Ashley is fluent in Spanish.