Community Assistance

Serving Precinct 4 constituents is our number one goal. We have a one stop, one phone number, one e-mail address for you to find a solution to any need you might have in Harris County. Tell our resource navigators what’s needed, and we do the work! 

Whether it is a street sign to be replaced, a park trail that needs attention, a new project idea to share, a special event or proclamation request, a road to be adopted, or questions or comments about Precinct 4 services, the Community Assistance Department (C.A.D.) can assist.

Our navigators’ research and respond to thousands of calls, letters, and e-mails a month, and help navigate concerned constituents to resources and solutions throughout Harris County Precinct 4 and beyond. 

Additionally, in a commitment to understanding the needs and values of each community within Precinct 4, Commissioner Lesley Briones has developed a robust team of Community Engagement Coordinators to act as liaisons between the diverse neighborhoods across the precinct and her office. To be connected to the Community Engagement Coordinator in your area, call 832-927-4444 or email [email protected].